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Sales & Marketing

Lifestyle Marketer
🏒 Workweek
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Austin, TX

Senior Director, Brand Partnerships
🏒 Captiv8
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Remote

Account Executive
🏒 Restream
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Austin, TX

Product & Design

Content Specialist - Product Education (Portugal)
🏒 CreatorIQ
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Funchal, Portugal

Principal Product Manager - Mobile
🏒 Twitch
πŸ’΅ $158K - $308K
πŸ“ San Francisco, CA

Head of Product Marketing
🏒 Circle
πŸ’΅ $158K - $308K
πŸ“ Remote, NY


Senior Software Engineer - Backend
🏒 Foundation
πŸ’΅ $165K - $180K
πŸ“ Remote, USA

Lead NLP Research Engineer
🏒 Genies
πŸ’΅ $180K - $306K
πŸ“ San Francisco, CA

Principal Applied Scientist
🏒 Podcastle
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Remote, UK

Operations & Strategy

Operations Analyst, External Manufacturing (Canned Energy)
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Louisville, KY

Social Strategist
🏒 Clutch
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ New York, NY

Salesforce Administration
🏒 Artlist
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Tel Aviv, Israel

Community & Support

YouTube Creator Success Manager
🏒 StreamElements
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Jersey City, NJ

Analista de Atendimento Junior
🏒 Hubla
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Sau Paulo, Brazil

Executive Assistant
🏒 Rarible
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Remote

πŸ“° Industry News

Yahoo bought Artifact, the AI-powered news platform created by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, in order to integrate its AI capabilities into Yahoo News.

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✨ Candidate Spotlight

Cassie Banaszek is an experienced Artist Manager who specializes in music and live events.

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Looking for: Artist Management/Influencer Marketing roles

Key Accomplishments:

  • Revamped content strategy with a YouTube sketch creator, resulting in 300% growth during a single quarter after implementing changes.

  • Tour managed several successful US regional and national music tours.

  • Collaborated with iHeartMedia to feature multiple clients on 102.7KIIS FM’s Under the Influencer series.

  • Led multiple brand campaigns with high-profile clients, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, LEGO, and Function of Beauty.

And Jason Termechi is a former content creator turned creator partnerships manager.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Looking for: Creator Partnership Manager or Influencer Marketing Manager roles

Key Accomplishments:

  • Created an influencer gifting program with 50+ micro and mid-tier men’s fashion influencers, which drove $25K in sales (Five Four).

  • Built an influencer program with 300+ creators to run end-to-end campaigns for clients like T-Mobile, Westfield, and Forever21 (Surkus).

  • Launched 25 live shopping events with 120 creators, resulting in 1.4M+ views and ~$500K in sales (Amazon).

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