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Reach Agency is looking for a Senior Account Manager to oversee and develop long-term client relationships.*

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πŸ”₯ Hot Jobs

Sales & Marketing

Sales Development Representative
🏒 Hubhopper
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ New Delhi, India

Senior Account Executive - Digital Media Sales
🏒 Bent Pixels
πŸ’΅ $85K - $115K
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Performance Marketing Manager
🏒 Hype
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Istanbul, Turkey

Product & Design

Senior Product Manager
🏒 Bright
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Tel Aviv, Israel

Product Analyst
🏒 Coda Payments
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Bangkok, Thailand

Motion Design Catalog Specialist
🏒 Artlist
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Tel Aviv, Israel


Quality Assurance Engineer
🏒 Talkshoplive
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Senior Software Engineer
🏒 Storyblocks
πŸ’΅ $137K - $153K
πŸ“ Arlington, VA

Software Engineer, Internal Tools
🏒 Figma
πŸ’΅ $149K - $350K
πŸ“ San Francisco, CA

Operations & Strategy

Operations Specialist
🏒 Munch
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Bucharest, Romania

Senior Transportation Analyst
🏒 Congo Brands
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Louisville, KY

Chief Operating Officer
🏒 Rarible
πŸ’΅ $250K - $300K
πŸ“ New York, NY

Community & Support

Customer Success Manager
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Milan, Italy

Customer Experience Lead
🏒 Insense
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sales Support Coordinator
🏒 Feastables
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Chicago, IL or Bentonville, AR

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Beehiiv closed a $33M Series B to fuel future growth of its independent newsletter platform.

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