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πŸ”₯ Hot Jobs

Sales & Marketing

Director of Affiliate Partnerships
🏒 Mavely
πŸ’΅ $120K - $150K
πŸ“ Chicago, IL

Account Manager, Higher Ed
🏒 Niche
πŸ’΅ $65K
πŸ“ Remote, USA

Senior Account Manager
🏒 Reach Agency
πŸ’΅ $90K - $110K
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Product & Design

Product Manager
🏒 Impact
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Cape Town, South Africa

Director, Experience Design
🏒 Thinkific
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Remote, Canada

Product Analyst
🏒 Eloelo
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Bengaluru, India


Staff Software Engineer
🏒 Stem Disintermedia
πŸ’΅ $180K - $205K
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Web/App Analyst
🏒 Hype
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Istanbul, Turkey

Chief Technology Officer
🏒 Aquifer
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Hanover, NH

Operations & Strategy

Sr. Product Manager Compliance
🏒 Pinterest
πŸ’΅ $123K - $254K
πŸ“ San Francisco, CA

Business Operations Intern
🏒 Capchase
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Hybrid, Europe

Brand Protection Specialist
🏒 Ceartas DMCA
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Dublin, Ireland

Community & Support

Community Strategist (Customer Success)
🏒 Mighty Networks
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Remote, USA

Product Support Specialist
🏒 Viral Nation
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Christ Church, Barbados

General Affairs Sr. Staff
🏒 Flip
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Jakarta, Indonesia

πŸ“° Industry News

Dude Perfect raised $100M+ "to pursue bold new opportunities and projects."

Social media and video creation startup Higgsfield AI raised $8M in seed funding.

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✨ Candidate Spotlight

Hunter Peterson is a seasoned producer and content strategist with 10+ years of experience in Film/TV and Digital content creation.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Looking for: Head of Production, Content Strategist roles

Key Accomplishments:

  • Former Head of Production at MrBeast (Beast Philanthropy).

  • Has produced content with major creators and brands, including Veritasium, Ubisoft, and Plarium.

  • His work has garnered 18.5M+ subscribers and 1B+ views across YouTube.

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