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πŸ”₯ Hot Jobs

Sales & Marketing

Social Media Manager
🏒 Masterclass
πŸ’΅ $104K - $122K
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Blippi - Senior Marketing Manager
🏒 Moonbug
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Activation Manager - Marketing
🏒 Podimo
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Product & Design

Product Enablement Manager - Technical
🏒 Figma
πŸ’΅ $119K - $231K
πŸ“ San Francisco, CA

Product Manager Recommendations
🏒 Medium
πŸ’΅ $190K - $251K
πŸ“ Remote, USA

Senior Manager, Product Marketing & CRM
🏒 Podcastle
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Remote, UK


Jr. QA Engineer (Russian/English)
🏒 Insense
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Remote, Colombia

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
🏒 Instill
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Android Developer
🏒 Loco
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Bengaluru, India

Operations & Strategy

Creative Strategist
🏒 Gelato
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Berlin / Barcelona / Oslo

Rev Ops Analyst
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Cape Town, South Africa

Senior Manager, Platform Strategy & Growth
🏒 Jubilee Media
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Community & Support

Creator Product Experience and Support Manager
🏒 Spotter
πŸ’΅ $100K - $500K
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Executive Assistant
🏒 IF7
πŸ’΅ N/A
πŸ“ New York, NY

Director, Learning and Performance, Product Support
🏒 Figma
πŸ’΅ $212K - $308K
πŸ“ San Francisco, CA

πŸ“° Industry News

Roblox launched a $35M creator fund to support short-form video content.

Cameo raised $28M in a substantial down round, slashing its valuation from its March 2021 peak.

Adobe released an AI-powered podcasting tool to help creators record, edit, and remove background noise.

AI-coustics launched with €1.9M in funding to enhance audio using generative AI.

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✨ Candidate Spotlight

Lauren Hallden is an award-winning marketer & strategist, with a proven track record of creativity and innovation.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Looking for: Brand and Partner Marketing Lead roles

Key Accomplishments:

  • Launched SoundCloud's creator-fan event series, Next Wav, developing an innovative marketing strategy and unique event concept; resulting in a 95% increase in engagement.

  • Increased SoundCloud’s brand awareness 200% through strategic partnerships with creators, Fortune 500, entertainment, music, & consumer brands.

  • Collaborated with Business Development & Brand Partnerships to generate $2M+ in new campaign revenue and sponsorships.

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